Rubearth is a Spanish slow fashion brand that aims to explore the boundaries between art, fashion, and craftsmanship, with sustainability and exclusive design as overarching principles.

The goal of Rubearth is to offer original designs based on three essential pillars: advocating for the value of fashion as artisanal craftsmanship "made in Spain," promoting sustainability in both processes and the final product, and providing the public with a playful, versatile, and timeless design with unique details, where all types of diverse bodies feel comfortable without distinction of age or gender.

Rubearth's Latin American roots bring a new approach to the college-preppy-worker aesthetic, where color, magic, and surrealism transport this aesthetic to a new place.

Founded in 2022 by Gabriel Nogueiras, Rubearth has twice won the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent and was the first recipient of the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award in Madrid 2021.


Rubearth is not a 100% sustainable brand today, but we are committed to improving our processes with each collection and the transparency that climate reality demands. We start with the highest possible amount of recovered fabrics in each new project. We prioritize local collaboration, aiming to have a positive impact on our community. We respect and maintain horizontal relationships with our workers and interns. Each presented collection includes a dossier map reflecting the origin of the product and the people involved in its production, with the aim of having the public appreciate the work and history of each garment.

Top 5 commitments of Rubearth:

1. 60% of our raw materials come from recycled and/or recovered materials. Materials acquired from third parties are local and of national origin.

2. We contribute to responsible consumption, generating minimal emissions in the creation and distribution of the product.

3. We promote, through our communication strategy, a thoughtful and reflective purchasing process, seeking customer satisfaction and avoiding unnecessary returns.

4. We foster a horizontal creative process, using Rubearth as a platform that showcases the work of artisans, designers, and collaborating artists in each collection.

5. We grow as a 100% transparent brand, where the customer has access to all information about the origin and production of our garments.